The first step
in the fight
for clean air
Make environmental data open and accessible to the world
Nebo is an opportunity to create your own independent air quality measurement system, for individuals and communities. Nebo breaks the state's monopoly on long-term air quality measurements, we have managed to create a device that is as affordable as possible, of high quality data and incredibly easy to use.
How does it work?
Urban dwellers install a compact device outside their window that can measure outdoor air pollution levels, humidity and temperature.
The case
The sensor has an environmentally protective housing and is fully ready for outdoor use in all weather conditions.
The device is attached to the window pane by a special magnetic system, there is no need to drill anything and violate the integrity of the frame. The diameter of the wire was chosen so as to fit into the joint between the window seals and not to bend.
The device has a 16x24 pixel color LED screen. The size and brightness of the pixels are selected so that it is easier to read information through the window.
Power is supplied by cable through the USB connection unit and consumes 5 volts, with a maximum load of 2A
For northern regions, incoming air heating is installed, which ensures stable operation of the sensor in the range of +10°C degrees, when the outside air temperature is -40°C .
The device connects to your home Wifi network and transmits data via API protocol to a unified system. All data is displayed on the Nebo platform through the website and applications.
Clear indication of air quality status
The device is set up through the free app without any special skills.
Setting up
At the moment, people all over the world are seriously concerned about air pollution. In the most problematic cities, people unite in groups and try to take measurements themselves, but most of such activists do not have professional skills and knowledge. Our device remains the only one affordable (not more than $100), requires no special knowledge of installation and maintenance and takes measurements at a high level. Thus, our device enables city residents to create signal networks of air pollution on their own and collect data for research in digital form.