Terms of Use
You are free to copy, distribute, transmit and modify our data as long as you link to nebo.live and its community. If you change or take our data in use on your website, blog, application and on any other open resource, then you must install the "Nebo" logo on the screen (at least 3% of the screen scale) with a direct link to the nebo.live website

Use of data is allowed only for non-commercial use, without the inclusion of advertising materials.
Data access
Nebo.live provides access to primary data to organizations and individuals. Data is provided via the API online and as a text document.
The current data collection does not provide a complete picture of the state of atmospheric air in the city. The information presented is based on data obtained from experimental equipment, which carries some limitations, so the data may not comply with all the rules of air quality control in settlements. Users have the full right not to follow the recommendations specified in the service. The creators of the project are not responsible for the incorrect interpretation of the data and possible damage caused as a result of using the information presented on the site. The information on the level of air pollution posted on the website is intended only for advisory use by private individuals. For official information, contact the territorial authorities of MCC of Roshydromet.
If you have any questions or suggestions about our work, please contact us support@nebo.live
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